Developers Terms and Conditions

O2 Community app is developed for the sole purpose of connecting, Registered / Unregistered, Religious Groups & Institutions, Educational Institutions, Cultural bodies, Youth Groups, Sports and student bodies to register and connect within the community or several communities. The word ‘Community’ signifies all the above categories and groups having legal activities recognized by the local body.

The Community account will be first registered and activated after approval of the Developers. Based on this, the community will be able to make the App available to its members.

In Order to connect to their respective communities, this app will collect the user’s basic information like name, phone number and email address to help the respective community identify the user and activate the user’s access to the group. Each Community will control the members through web based content management Application provided to them.

The user’s data that is collected will not in any way be transferred or shared with any third party for any purpose by the developers without the consent of the concerned community.

As a user, the community on your part will refrain from misusing the app in any form declared illegal in the world.

We reserve the rights to Deactivate the Community Access and thereof the access of their registered members.

The Developers reserve the rights to modify, enhance or completely withdraw this app. In such a situation the data collected will be destroyed.

By registering, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions & abide by the above.